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Wholistic Success Coaching

3-dr-teri_coaching-servicesWholistic Success Coaching differs from ordinary personal and professional coaching. It is a process that works from the inside out. Working with Dr. Teri is all about transformation.

This process is for people who wish to grow and to change and who wish to better themselves and their lives in a deep and meaningful way. Most clients notice a stark improvement in their ability to understand and tame their thoughts and emotions very quickly. The realization that one can choose and change one’s thoughts and feelings is precious. It is the key to all personal realization and manifesting the life one wishes to live.

“The main purpose is to help the individual find and develop their whole person, the intrinsic nature of a person’s true self.”

This process involves identifying and cutting through the unproductive mechanisms of the false self. By liberating the true self, the individual is able to grow and nurture their whole being. This brings about a paradigm shift that allows the person to change their outlook on life and their relationships with others and the world at large. Life is more meaningful and purposeful. Life is more peaceful and the individual finds a sense of meaning, connectedness and beauty that was not there before. This self-nurturing state brings purpose, clarity and confidence, which blossoms from the inside out. These happier individuals become driven and lead better more fulfilled and productive lives, extending themselves outwards to positively impact their professional success, family relationships, communities, and the world.

Because this method works directly with your beliefs and representations of yourself and your role in life, a trickle-down effect is created. As you clarify and consciously choose your beliefs, your self-perception changes. Then your perception of the world changes too. Your thoughts and feelings change for the better. Your words and actions are altered naturally. Then the world and the people around you respond differently towards you and more in accordance with your True wish for healthy happy relationships and accomplishments. You are naturally happier and the snowball just keeps growing as your life becomes more and more naturally fulfilling and rewarding. The professional and personal environment responds to this new way of being and even unexpected successes and rewards appear.

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