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Constructive Thought for Better Living Talks2-dr-teri_constructive-thoughts

By consciously choosing your thoughts and feelings, you create your experience with the environment around you. There are Constructive Forces that answer the vibration of those thoughts and feelings. This is how the outside world interacts with you in a constructive way, leading you towards your natural state of joy and self realization. But, this is not always easy to accomplish, or understand. The natural evolution of a human being is to become an even better, more evolved and fulfilled human being. The tools needed to tap into these natural Constructive Forces are built into the human being in the form of thoughts and feelings. Your free will allows you to choose how to manage them and therefore how to manage your life for the better, creating your joy and happiness. The Constructive Thought Talks are about the many techniques with which this can be done. These are very much wellness talks on what the mind is and how it works, as well as what techniques to use in order to create a better life for yourself, both inside and out.

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