DiplomaDr. Teri Baydar is a Spiritual Life Coach with a Doctorate in Divine Metaphysics from the College of Divine Metaphysics and a Masters in Business Administration (Marketing)  from Huron University in London (HULT). She is an inspirational speaker with her own private coaching practice since Spring 2013.  She has experience (7 years) managing a small French research institute who’s purpose was the study of the workings of the unconscious mind and the benefits and use of suggestion in behavior modification.  She is a level 4 certified Pranic Healer and a level 2 Reiki practitioner as well.

Her past  business experience includes consumer behavior research with the French Ministry of Research and Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin Champagne where she worked on consumer sensory perception in relationship to social and psychological product representations.  She was for 2 years a business development professional for PriceWaterhouseCoopers International Services out of Paris.  She has filled various administrative and marketing positions in luxury products and media.

Teri is a thoughtful, caring, creative, and spiritual individual with a passion for health, wellness, and personal development.  Throughout her life she has always turned to alternative methods for health and personal growth and now rejoices in being able to share this with others and participate in giving back.

Dr. Teri’s special ability to connect with the divine source affectionately known as Samantha allows her access to the specific knowledge for her clients when it is needed.  This brings accuracy and clarity to her work as a Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Therapy Practitioner.  These activities are not work to her but rather a calling and a means of enhancing her own personal realization and purpose which explains her effectiveness as a coach and mentor.

Some of her favorite activities outside of Metaphysics and Dharma Reading include Chi Kung, T’ai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Art, and Cooking.

Teri is also a visual artist and enjoys painting bright uplifting spiritually inspired paintings.  Visit her Art Gallery and feel the vibrancy of her vision of love and life.

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